Minus Zer0 is a notorious Graalian, best known for his Ebizou Base Sabotage in GraalOnline Era, and his reason behind it (Click here for the article about why). No one knows his current name right now, but all we know is that he is plotting something very soon.

Background Edit

Minus Zer0, Born January 27th, 1998 was a loving and caring man. He was a straight A student in a public school in Washington D.C., his girlfriend brought him into Graal in 2007. They went by names Hatter Rabbit and GDT, and his older brother Zer0. Around 2011, his brother was already playing Era for about 6 months. He joined his bandwagon (so did his girlfriend) and then were heavy basers in the gang Ebizou Base. Based until the end of the night, and then had to go to school. His brother whatsoever, was playing 24/7.

Brother's Suicide Edit

In 2013, Minus Zer0 told his friend(our researcher) that his brother committed suicide. He went insane, he was trying his hardest to find hacks to end Ebizou Base, to what he calls “Vengeance”

Ebizou Base Sabotage Edit


Hatter Rabbit Edit

After his girlfriend's dad moved because of his poor life choices, he has attempted suicide 3 times, but they all failed. The latest one was when he was in a coma, he came back 3 months later.

Current Status Edit

He is underground with multiple different names, looks, and personas. His picture(Above)

is the one used currently and he runs around with either a Chemical Weapon or B.A.R.(Ebizou Base Skin).

Rumors: Edit

People say he is one of the ranks in Obsidian, a member in NaturalBornKillaz, or a Maelstrom member, but this isn’t confirmed. People say he quit, he is still out there according to A.M.L.

Other Graalian Things He Has Done: Edit

Current Record holder for reset player; PKs: 155,000+(as of 10/29/16)

Apparently was in a Crypt gang, unknown of the top 3.

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